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Empower yourself, your team, and your organization through coaching, unlocking untapped potential, fostering growth, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

I didn’t realize how low my confidence was until after I started working with Gary. In regaining confidence I have been able to almost triple my sales per year since starting to work with him. Has helped to activate my Visionary mindset. Has helped us to set structures and plan for the future instead of acting in the moment. The best ongoing investment I have made in our business.

W. Kiem

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1 on 1 Coaching

Indulge in the personalized journey of 1 on 1 coaching tailored to achieve your desired outcomes. Our private sessions promise a dedicated focus on your individual needs, providing a space for goal setting, vision casting, and performance improvement. Anticipate monthly phone calls and onsite sessions where we delve into your unique challenges and aspirations. Alongside these, you’ll receive valuable resources designed to amplify your growth, all while enjoying the accountability and support needed to propel you towards success. Your journey, uniquely crafted for unparalleled results.

Peer Groups

Step into a dynamic space of collaboration with our peer groups, a facilitated platform where like-minded professionals converge virtually throughout the month. Here, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to share their triumphs and navigate challenges collectively. Facilitated discussions create an environment of mutual support, fostering an exchange of insights, strategies, and experiences. Join this vibrant community to amplify your professional growth, leveraging the power of shared knowledge and camaraderie.


Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with our intensive sessions, available in both half-day and full-day formats, conducted in person. These sessions are meticulously designed to provide a concentrated and immersive learning environment. Whether delving into strategic planning, skill development, or team-building, our intensives offer a focused and dynamic platform. Through engaging activities, targeted discussions, and hands-on exercises, participants gain valuable insights and practical tools that can be immediately applied to elevate their personal and professional pursuits. Join us for an impactful journey of concentrated learning and growth in a condensed timeframe, setting the stage for lasting positive change.


Starting with our flagship Leadership Program and Personal Development Program, our programs are unique to GBC, which is critical to their success when it comes to their effectiveness within your relationships, both inside and outside of what you do for business. We are constantly building new material to add to our growing library. Whether you are a new business owner or a little further along on your journey, if you are feeling stuck, we have a program that will help you get where you want to go next.

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Ready to elevate your potential?